TSF exists to protect people in crisis and humanitarian emergencies through communications and access to information. We work alongside NGOs from all over the world to help those in need.

The purpose of this newsletter that sits at the intersection of humanitarian aid and telecommunication technology, is to provide you with pertinent curated content that will assist you with your work.

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Previous Issues of The Call to Comms

The Call to Comms: The dangers faced by refugee women
What dangers do refugee women face? How can we help reduce them? Also: what you need to know about the latest IPCC report.
Issue 9 - The Call to Comms
C2C#008: 3 ways women can help fight climate change
3 ways women are impacted by climate change, and what they can bring to climate change action. Also: how can countries at risk for natural disasters prepare for them?
Issue 8 - The Call to comms
C2C#007 Women in NGOs
Are women taken into account in humanitarian decision-making? What do they bring to humanitarian action? Also: co-founding an NGO as a woman.
Issue 7 - The Call to Comms
C2C#006: Empowering women through technology
An event to introduce women to digital mapping, what can be done to bridge digital divide, and an interview of Inmarsat, our partner of 23 years.
Issue 6 - The Call to Comms
C2C#005: Why we’re still in Ukraine, one year later
How can we provide essential information and connectivity to Ukrainians fleeing the war? Meet the TSF staff who makes it possible.
Issue 5 - The Call to Comms
C2C#004: Living in the digital of war
This week, we explore what it means to live in the digital age of war, why Internet access is essential to refugees and how they use it.
Issue 4 - The Call to Comms
The Call to Comms #003: Responding to earthquakes
A quick update on TSF’s response to the earthquake, how technology can help find earthquake survivors, and humanitarian collaboration in the field.
Issue 3 - The Call to Comms
C2C#002 On the way to restore connectivity in Turkey
In our second newsletter, we talk about deploying to Turkey following the earthquake, how to build community resilience and how humanitarian issues affect women.
Issue 2 - The Call to Comms
C2C#001: Global Humanitarian Trends for 2023
Télécoms Sans Frontières break down the main points in OCHA’s Global Humanitarian Trends report for 2023 and our insights into what’s in store.
Issue 1 - The Call to Comms