Welcome to issue 45 of the Call to Comms!

Stefany works for TSF as an External Relations Manager, in Mexico. In her interview, she tells us about her path to becoming an aid worker, what she loves about her job and the difficulties she sometimes encounters.

Also this week: Heavy floodings in the Horn of Africa, the COP28 Conference and updates on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Meet Stefany, External Relations Officer at TSF

Stefany is part of the team working on the information diffusion project, in Latin America. In a context of migration, this project provides displaced people with reliable and trustworthy information about their rights.

“Giving access to information that can help others make informed decisions is something very valuable.”

Before joining TSF, Stefany already had one foot in the humanitarian sector. Whether by volunteering or working for an environmental organization, she has always been involved in actions that help others.

“Life’s short, so for me it’s important to give my time to something that really matters.”

Stefany's day-to-day work as an external relations officer involves maintaining relations with partner shelters in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. She’s also in charge of following up with shelter managers, to ensure that the information shared is useful for those who need it most.

“The context in which displaced people are living is really stressful, so we’re trying to give them all the tools that could be useful for them to make their journey more human.”

When asked about what she likes most about her job, Stefany describes the sense of contribution she gets from knowing that her work can benefit others.

“I am giving my time to something greater than me.”

Find out more about Stefany's insights, the challenges she faces as an humanitarian worker and what inspires her to in our interview here.

This week’s reads

1- Heavy floods in the Horn of Africa

  • Severe floods are affecting nearly 1.6 million people throughout the Horn of Africa.
  • In Somalia alone, the ongoing torrential rains have killed over 100 people and displaced 750,000 families.
  • The climate conditions are forcing thousands of people to move and the vast majority of impacted communities are in hard-to-reach areas and lack support.

2- COP28 Conference

3- Gaza humanitarian crisis

  • After a 7-days temporary ceasefire, hostilities between Israel and Hamas resumed on December 1st, in Gaza.
  • Humanitarian aid is still hampered by security concerns and, as UN Secretary-General António Guterres declared “We need a true humanitarian ceasefire”, for humanitarian organizations to be able to deliver lifesaving assistance to affected populations.

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