In July 2023, the partnership between Télécoms Sans Frontières and Inmarsat will be 23 years old. Over the years and the approximately 150 missions across the globe, TSF has almost always deployed with a piece of Inmarsat equipment, whether that be the Mini-M, the BGAN, the IsatPhone 1 and 2 or most recently the Global Xpress.

In this interview with Alison Horrocks, the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Inmarsat, we cover:

  • How Alison and Inmarsat view their partnership with TSF;
  • The origin story of the partnership between Inmarsat and TSF;
  • The use of Inmarsat technologies in natural disaster response;
  • And what Inmarsat's vision is for how satellite communications will help address the climatic, social and economic challenges we face around the world.

You can learn more about the relationship between Inmarsat and TSF on Inmarsat's blog and in this article that explores the 20 year relationship on TSF's main website.