June 2023 will mark the 16th anniversary of Eutelsat's support to Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF). TSF has deployed with Eutelsat’s equipment and support for more than a hundred missions.

We’ve had the pleasure to talk to James Matthews, the director of corporate social responsibility at Eutelsat. Together, we discuss:

  • How James and Eutelsat view their partnership with TSF;
  • The history and memories made during the partnership;
  • The use of Eutelsat’s technology in humanitarian response;
  • Eutelsat’s Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • And Eutelsat's vision of how satellite communications can help address climate, social and economic challenges.

To learn more about Eutelsat and TSF’s relationship, you can check Eutelsat’s website, or their article on how to coordinate disaster relief with emergency networks.